Wabi Sabi Light Industry LLC

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi Light Industry LLC

Who are we:

We are a couple of creative minds that are looking to change the world one product at a time. Our passions are travel, simplicity, and living an unconventional life.

What do we stand for:

"The principle of a thing is often more important than the thing itself."

Our Mission:

Remove all that is unnecessary.

Focus on what remains.

About Us

Wabi Sabi is an importer and exporter of high quality products and merchandise.

Multi Capability

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, at Wabi Sabi our main priority is bringing new and exciting products to the US market and beyond. We have scoured the international market, visited producers and personally sourced out suppliers that we feel are of the very highest standard, taste and quality.

Through our quality, longstanding business relationships with producers, and our ability to negotiate competitive yet fair prices, we are able to offer the US market some of the world’s most exciting new products at great prices.

Wabi Sabi was founded in 2016 by Matthew and Carmen, an American couple passionate about motorcycles, Airstreams, and Adventure Travel. They founded Wabi Sabi after giving up jobs in the corporate and government world in an effort to become their own bosses.

Matthew and Carmen live in Colorado and are avid coffee drinkers.

Contact Info

Fort Collins, CO, USA
Email: salesteam@wab-sab.com
Website: www.wab-sab.com